Microwave with Pizza Oven

My family and I recently tried out the microwave oven and pizza oven for a period of four weeks. We did this so that I would be able to provide a detailed review to anyone considering purchasing this model. We put away our normal microwave oven and used the Kenmore in its place so that we could get a clear idea of how this unit works with normal daily usage. Here is my review.

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This combination microwave oven and pizza oven costs about $250, putting it in the higher end of mid-range as far as price is concerned. Because of this, my expectations will be a bit higher than they are with a budget model. I unpacked my new appliance and looked it over. I can’t say I am 100% in love with the look of it. There is nothing wrong with the way it looks, but also nothing that really impresses. It looks like a mostly black microwave oven stuck on top of a stainless steel pizza oven. I wish they would have done more to make this seem like a single unit with a cohesive design. But again, it is not a bad-looking appliance, just not the most striking I’ve ever seen. Everything on this unit feels adequately solid and sturdy.

I have used many microwave ovens but the same can not be said for pizza ovens, so I decided to start my review period with a pizza. I used a cheap, store-bought frozen pizza and cooked it according to package directions. I was very pleasantly surprised by how crispy and well-cooked the pizza was. This is a brand and variety of frozen pizza that I use often and my entire family agreed that it tasted better than it ever had. I am very impressed by my cooking ability so far.

The next thing I cooked was popcorn and the Kenmore microwave oven was definitely up to the task. The preset popcorn key worked perfectly. It popped almost all the kernels and burnt none.

One day someone was cooking a pizza in the pizza oven portion when I decided to steam some vegetables in the microwave oven portion. This was the first time I realized that both functions could not be used at the same time. I initially thought something was wrong with my oven, but a quick check of the owner’s manual told me that this is just the way the oven was made. To know more information visit this site microwave with pizza oven with any questions.

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