Home Remodel – The Three Bid Rule

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Putting in more time in advance in preparing, planning, and scheduling will pay premiums in the future. It can be the difference between the house enhancement experience from hell and a fantastic experience where you get all the things you desire! You can find out a lot from subcontractor renovation quotes. Click here to know why you should not slight this approach.

Question: Why is it essential to get more than one (typically 3) quotes for each task of phase of building and construction?


A significant house renovating task, like a room addition, for example, is going to take a number of different service providers. You will likely have to carry out things like framing, pipes, electrical, roof, finish carpentry, painting and so on.

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Each of these responsibilities is carried out by a different subcontractor. If you are an owner builder, handling the task yourself or with a house building coach, you will have to pick and monitor each trade (professional). The primary step in picking your trades people is to get them to offer you proposals or estimate.

Complying With the 3 Quote Rule

I suggest that you get 3 bids for each subcontractor trade. In some cases 2 will work … particularly if they come highly recommended and if their bids are much the same. Hardly ever would it be called for to get more than 3.

Why 3? Well, the cause is easy. It is the very best way to evaluate the fairness of the dollar amount quoted for the task. Compared amongst them, the bids can be evaluated for their precision, thoroughness and fairness.

Simply make certain to be persistent in what you are asking them to estimate on. Each professional needs to get the very same set of plans or blueprints to price quote from, with the very same comprehensive products lists. It does you no good to have them quote on various things … you will lose your potential to review properly.

Judging Communications Skills

One last thought. Building is likewise an exchange of ideas. Interaction between you and your service providers is crucial. By getting 3 quotes for each stage of your job, you will find yourself in a much more powerful position to evaluate the possibility of getting your ideas around and getting the answer to your inquiries.

Preparation, communication, and consistency make for a much better renovation experience.

How to Evaluate Contractor Bids

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