Garage Door Mechanism – How to Adjust the Springs Securely

Modern garage doors make it convenient to park your car within the safety of an enclosed building. The latest mechanism of garage doors and innovation in technology has made it possible to operate the garage door through remote control.  

It saves you from the trouble of getting out of your car in the middle of a snowstorm just to operate the garage door manually. Now garage doors are installed with an electric opener and torsion springs to provide powerful tension to the garage door which is required to operate it smoothly. Well, frequent operations of the garage door can wear down the springs, causing gradual loss of the tension of springs. In case, garage door springs get broken, it will risk the safety of your car, home, and other belongings. If you experience any deterioration in the strength of your springs, inspect the mechanism thoroughly to notice if the springs need to be adjusted or replaced. Click here for service and find more information about garage door springs.

Garage door torsion springs are an important but critical component of a garage door that needs to be inspected and lubricated regularly. However, many individuals fail to inspect the torsion springs and cables periodically. If you are starting to experience problems during the opening and closing process, then the torsion springs cloud be worn out, loosen their tension, or damaged. After all, torsion springs are subject to wear and tear with the passage of time. These springs are tightly wound and hold a high amount of pressure to ensure the quiet and smooth operation of a garage door. Even the heavy-duty springs will eventually wear out with the passage of time and snap due to the high amount of tension.  

Sudden breakage of the torsion springs is extremely dangerous. This is why; torsion springs are contained within a strong steel tube to avoid damages to property or serious injuries to you. It is strongly recommended that garage door torsion springs should be inspected and adjusted by experts. Broken torsion springs should be replaced immediately. Some of the signs of faulty springs are chattering and squeaking sounds coming from the garage door while opening and closing it and the appearance of shredded strips or worn-out cables.

When you start observing these symptoms and signs, call your local garage door technician to have your garage door examined and fixed thoroughly. In addition to this, you should schedule yearly garage door maintenance by a reputed and certified garage door contractor to ensure that your garage door will work in a tip-top position. Nevertheless, most experienced and technical homeowners can replace the torsion spring by following these actions.

  • Remember that the torsion spring is going to break and the cone is going to explode when you wind or unwind the springs so take precautions.
  • Disconnect the power supply from the garage door opener.
  • Make sure that the measurements of the new spring are the same as the old one. Don’t grab the springs and never touch the winding cones
  • Don’t forget to mark the torsion shaft. Garage door alignment is compulsory after installing the springs, so these marks will help you.
  • Unwind the old spring which is fine. Don’t touch the set screw without properly inserting a fitting bar into a winding cone. 
  • Just loosen and remove the secure and bolts that hold the cones to the spring mounting bracket.
  • Replace the old springs and install the torsion hardware back again.
  • Install and wind the new torsion spring.
  • Test and lube the torsion springs and other hardware.
  • Reconnect the garage door opener.

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