Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Garage Door Materials

Depend on how often your garage door is being used, as a responsible homeowner; they will have to replace their garage door at least once in its life.  It is also important for you to know everything about different types of garage door materials and styles. It will help you to make a wise decision based on the objectives for which the garage door will be installed. Simply click here to search for an affordable garage door material and type to be used for your home.

Overhead garage door, as the name suggested, is opened through the technique of lifting. It is created with a single panel to be moved up and down. These garage doors are relatively cheaper as compared to sectional garage doors. Sectional garage doors are created with four to five horizontal panels or sections that are connected together. These sections are mounted on the rollers along with tracks on the sides of the garage door’s frame which enable the sectional panels to run. It is an expensive option than an overhead garage door, most individuals opt for sectional garage doors because they are easy to install, convenient to operate, and safe to use. There are many types of garage door materials to choose from, each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Common and famous garage door materials are aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and steel garage doors which are available in the different price ranges.

Wood garage door: The most significant reason why homeowners prefer to install a wood garage door is its aesthetic appeal and attractive appurtenance. These garage doors are expensive than other materials and need a high level of maintenance. It is true that wood can easily get cracks because it absorbs heat and moisture. Wooden garage doors are subject to wear and tear subject to various outside elements. These garage doors need regular maintenance, repainting, and wood reconditioning every few months.

Aluminum garage doors: Aluminum garage doors are durable, stronger, and sturdier as compared to the wood garage doors. They can easily withstand in nasty and heavy conditions of harsh weather and other climate elements. These garage doors are light in weight and do not rust easily. They need a very low level of maintenance.

Steel garage doors: Steel garage door is a strong and sturdy option like aluminum garage doors. They do need constant maintenance as they can withstand damages due to frequent use. They are hard to face hard weather conditions. This option is also cheaper than wood garage doors.

Fiberglass garage doors: Fiberglass garage doors are light in weight than steel or aluminum garage doors. These garage doors are strong and durable. It can give you the appurtenance of wooden garage doors. It is an excellent option for the places which have chances of tornadoes and typhoons.

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