How to Install a Garage Door Weather Seal

If you have attached the garage, you have experienced that it is considerably warmer and colder than it normally is, this might be caused by the space around the garage door. The heating and cooling from your house can easily escape through tiny spaces but this problem can also be fixed easily by terminating your garage. It can be done by weather-proofing your garage door that will allow you to reduce the energy bills so that you will have a comfortable environment within a garage.

The process of weather sealing installation is very easy even for an individual that is not as handy as the professional like to be. All you just need to have a garage door weather-stripping kit which normally includes nails and weather sealing strips, but you can also use normal roofing nails for the same result. Besides the weather-stripping and sealing of the garage door, you will need to have a tape measure, pencil, and hammer. First of all, you need to open the garage door completely so that you can access the bottom of it.

In the next step, you need to measure the diameter of the garage door. Normally, whenever you buy a garage door weather sealing kit, you will realize that it comes in two sizes that are 10 feet and 30 feet. You will have to cut off the extra sealer using scissors, this is why, and you need to measure it properly. In the third step, you should remove any existing weather sealing if your garage door has along the edges. This work can be done using an ending part of a hammer to remove the nails or using a screwdriver to tale out the screws and nuts. After doing this, you need to measure the center point of the garage door by measuring the width of the garage door and dividing the value in the half.

Make sure that you have marked the values with any writing instrument so that you don’t forget them. Afterward, lie out all the nails so that they are spaced correctly. There is no need to measure the space, just make sure that they are spaced out correctly. Next place the weather sealing along with the garage door, make sure that you do not omit anything. Start your work on the right side of the garage door and place the sealing to the left side of the garage door. Then use your scissors to trim off the extra sealing. In the last step, you would place the screws and nails into it. You should install the garage door weather sealing so that no more warm or cold air gets into your place.